Bob Tuo Cutting Collar

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  • Cutting Collar
  • Weighted front
  • Easy to Clean
  • Deluxe
  • Medium Length – for short to medium length hair

The original. classic cutting collar design. This is the deluxe one. not the Eco one.
Medium Length

It was Bob Tuo who first dreamed up the cutting collar. back when he was Director of Internships at the INAC in Paris. He named his first model the Milcoup and an entire industry was born.

Now you can get your hands on his original design that’s still a great solution to the twin problems of ensuring client comfort when cutting or colouring and of preventing combs and scissors from snagging on towels and gowns.

The weighted front of the Bob Tuo Mil coup ensures the collar stays in place and that it makes a good seal around the neck. It is suitable for all types and lengths of hair. extending far enough down the back to accommodate all but the longest hair.

The Mil coup is made from rubber. so is easy to clean with a canvas layer on top that gives it a finer feel than a pure rubber collar and is better at resisting nicks from your scissors. Just wipe it down with soapy water to get rid of hair and residual chemicals.


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