XLnt Curvo Disc 150mm

XLnt Curvo Disc 150mm

XLnt Curvor Hook & Loop discs include 150mm dia metal plate with the hook pad attached, the difference from the standard disc is that it has a gentle slope in the disc to allow the sharpening of curved bladed scissors. I recommend using 3 disc, 2 for the sharpening process and the 3rd disc with the fine 2000grit abrasive pad for doing the inside ride lines.

Test them for your self buy one and see how well it works, if you like it I will include with your purchase a discount voucher of the next 2 discs.

These discs can be made to suit other Flat Hones just let us know what your motor shaft dia is



£39.95£94.95 Including VAT


Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions 150 × 150 mm

1 – Curvo Hook & Loop Disc, 2 Curvo – H&L and 1 – Curvo Felt Polishing Discs, 1 – Curvo Polishing Disc, 1 – Curvo Leather Strop Disc


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