Joewell FX Left Handed Hairdressing Scissors

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Joewell FX Left Handed Hairdressing Scissors

The Joewell FX Left Hand is designed with a 3-dimensional style grip for a natural movement of thumb, fingers & elbow

  • Well balanced design ensures powerful and keen cutting. Especially good for Blunt Cut & Scissors Over Comb techniques
  • Joewell Precision Honed Hollow Blades, made from a Supreme Stainless Alloy
  • Small tension adjustable screw. Slightly counter sunk so as not to catch the hair
  • A new unique designed stopper makes scissors more powerful and comfortable due to more width between the finger holes
  • Finger inserts are removable and can be changed to fit
  • Removable finger rest

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5.0”, 5.5"


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