The XLnt Scissors Sharpening System

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Product Description

The XLnt Scissors Sharpening System

The XLnt Sharpening System is a flat hone sharpening machine designed to sharpen all types of professional scissors, whether it is a high quality professional convex edge stylist scissors or a dog groomers bevel edge scissor.

The XLnt Sharpening Systems unique precision rotating sharpening clamp, will sharpen any professional scissor quickly to as near new condition as possible even if the scissor has previously been mis-sharpened by another sharpener.

The XLnt Sharpening System can easily sharpen all scissors including left-handed and more complex curved convex edge scissors. Any blade angle can be achieved.

The superior 200w Japanese BLDC motor is powerful and can run at all speeds without loss of torque from 50rpm – 4000rpm. We factory pre-set the speed at min 600 and maximum 2500rpm.

The XLnt Sharpening System is extremely portable the dimensions are approx. 250 x 200 x 200mm, weighing approx. 7kgs it will fit into a rolling case such as the Stanley FATMAX (other rolling cases maybe suitable too) with room to spare for all your accessories. If you are operate your sharpening business from a van, it can be anchored to your worktop.

The XLnt Sharpening System is supplied with the following accessories.

3 – 150mm or 6” dia quick change hook and loop discs
1 – 150mm felt polishing discs
1 – XLnt Diamond polishing paste
1 – 150mm leather honing disc for bevel edged scissors
1 – 3000 grit diamond whetstone
1 – Whetstone holder
10 – 360 grit abrasive Hook & Loop pads (approx. 55 Micron)
10 – 800 grit abrasive Hook & Loop pads (approx. 22 Micron)
10 – 1200 grit abrasive Hook & Loop pads (approx. 15 Micron)
10 – 1500 grit abrasive Hook & Loop pads (approx. 12 Micron)
10 – 2000 grit abrasive Hook & Loop pads (approx. 10 Micron)
6 – Practice scissors
1 – Parts kit includes washers, bump stops, finger rests, locking washers and screws
1 – Scissors oil

Manufactured in Northern Ireland

Full 2 Year guarantee covers against defective parts, does not cover for general wear and tear of sharpening and polishing media.

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